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TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot

For our top articles this week, we looked at how to grow your Spotify followers using ToneDen, new relief offered by a tinnitus sound therapy app, the new threat of. Continue reading

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Maintaining Artist, Fan Connections 6 Feet Apart

With venue doors closed and tours cancelled across the world, artists are being forced to reinvent not only their careers but also their relationships with fans. So how does one. Continue reading

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Level the Playing Field: How Merlin Changed The Game For Indie Reach Records

Despite being co-owned by two-time Grammy winner and multi-platinum artist Lecrae, Reach Records had the same problems that most indies face – too many middlemen and too little clout to. Continue reading

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How Coronavirus Is Impacting The Music Business [July 2020]

Worsening cases in many parts of the United States have likely put the kibosh any lingering hopes of seeing live music in 2020, but the pandemic’s impact on the music. Continue reading

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6 Smart Promotion, Marketing Strategies For Emerging Artists

In this piece we look at six music marketing strategies for up and coming artists to consider as they map out the strategy and timeline for their next release. Guest. Continue reading

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Songwriting Strategies: The Anti-Artist Way

Often when writing new music, artists find themselves stuck in something of a creative rut. Here we look at some creative techniques for broadening your songwriting horizons, and cultivating effective. Continue reading

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Performing Arts Alliance Urges Supporters To Contact Congress

The U.S. Congress is currently considering several programs including another round of the Payroll Protection Program that would affect musicians, creators, and both for-profit and non-profit music and arts organizations.. Continue reading

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Tips For Saving Money As Musicians

Being in a band can be a horizon-broadening adventure, but the chances of it bringing in substantial revenue, particularly when you’re just starting out, are slim. Here we look at. Continue reading

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FRI. BRIEF: Sony Invests $250M In Epic, Fortnite • Spotify Boosts Songwriters • UnitedMasters • ACM Awards • More

FRIDAY 7.10.2020 • Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under The More News Tab Above

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BEWARE: Live Stream Concert Scams Are Now A Thing

As music live streams grow popularity they’ve also attracted scammer seeking to profit from it. The music live stream scams come in two forms. Fake Events Several Facebook pages are. Continue reading

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