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The Lost Art of Listening: Up Next [Volume 2]

In this second installment of the Lost Art of Listening series, Song Somelier Keith Joplin looks at the continued importance of human curation in an increasingly algorithm driven world. Guest. Continue reading

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The COVID Bounce: How The Pandemic Is Reshaping Entertainment Demand [MARK MULLIGAN]

It may be most obvious in the explosion in live music streaming, but in fact, the coronavirus is having a major effect on music streaming and all forms of entertainment.. Continue reading

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Michael Brandvold Offers Musicians Free Press Release Service With Help From Fanbridge

Hypebot readers know Michael Brandvold from his work as co-host of the Music Biz Weekly podcast with Jay Gilbert. But Michael is also a music publicist and marketer extraordinaire, and. Continue reading

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Big Sync Music On Providing Data-Driven Music Solutions For Brands

In this set of interviews, we hear from Big Synch Music’s new country managers, as the company works to expand into four new markets, bringing data-driven music solutions to Australia/New. Continue reading

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Newport Festivals Launch COVID-19 Artist Relief Program

The Newport Fok and Jazz Festivals Foundation has established the Newport Festivals Musician Relief Fund to provide financial assistance to folk and jazz musicians who are facing financial hardships from. Continue reading

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5 Ways Artists Can Make Money During A Pandemic

While many major acts are reeling from huge losses in ticket sales, some smaller DIY groups and artists are finding ways to pick up the pieces and generate some revenue.. Continue reading

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SiriusXM Offers Free Access Through May 15, Adds Special Programming

SiriusXM is now offering free access to its full Premium lineup in North America through May 15th. Anyone who is not already a SiriusXM subscriber can download the SiriusXM app. Continue reading

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Music Tech Webcast Launches Today With Focus On Live Music Streaming

Music and music tech PR firm rock paper scissors is launching  Weekly Websdays today April 1st with a focus on live music streaming. The Zoom event will explore one topic. Continue reading

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Spotify, Warner Music Group Sign ‘Expanded’ Global Licensing Deal

Warner Music Group and Spotify have signed a new “expanded” global licensing deal both companies announced on Wednesday. A joint statement reads: “Warner Music Group and Spotify are pleased to. Continue reading

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A Guide Of State, Federal Resources For Musicians Needing Help

As most musicians have no safety net, the recent crisis has hit bands and artists especially hard. Fortunately, there are some resources available on the national, state, and even city. Continue reading

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